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During my experience with [fash-uhn] brand, I've worked on several editorials to improve and refine my art direction skills. Working and coordinating photographers, models, make-up artists and stylists have improved significantly my expertise on conceiving creative ideas, putting together the team and directing a photo shoot to achieve the result I set up on the mood-boards.

Here are Lunatics, Invaders, Sinners and Strangers


Art direction, creativity, moodboarding




In the fashion industry, the existence of a link between creative genius and mental illness has long been a matter of debate. Certainly, some of the industry’s top designers have struggled with mental health issues.
What is indisputable is that fashion professionals across the board — not just creatives — face a unique and uncompromising set of pressures. 

Despite being hugely rewarding, the combination of high stress and long hours make for a workplace that isn’t always conducive to good mental health.


Extraterrestrial figures can be both alluring and intriguing. Although sometimes creepy and at times disturbing, 'invaders' undeniably still draw viewers in with their otherworldly aspects.


"Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us"

Peter De Vries

Behind this concept, there is the self-destructive behaviour of the subject affected by gluttony. We found different stages linked to emotions: 

Desire >> Pleasure >> Anxiety >> Addiction >> Sin / guilt >> Regret 

The choice of not using food on set is due to the edible makeup. In fact, we wanted to emphasise the makeup to be the only edible element of the images.


They live together in the same mansion, but they've never met each other. Their outfit is getting more and more eccentric in case of a casual encounter, which never happens. They're strangers in their own house.


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