[fash-uhn] collaterals

To attract and retain professionals from the industry, I stimulated photographers, models and make-up artists to meet in the store and take advantage of a vast amount of designers' clothes to create shooting in locations nearby. In this way I promoted the creation of a network of professionals and designers, who delegate to [fash-uhn] their communications and social media activities.


Business development, art direction




Thanks to [fash-uhn], designers had the opportunity to collaborate with models, photographers and make-up artists. Here is a selection of photos I directed and backstage pics.


Comms offering

Creating a network of professionals gave me the opportunity to offer my expertise on communications, branding and social media. Here is a selection of the projects I undertook. 


Nico Bosch - Photo shoot, social media and catalogue

Adam X - Photo shoot
and campaign

Stasa Design - social media

Rosie Billington - Social media

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